What is a House Church?

The term “church” simply refers to those who look to Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior of all people. The church is variously described in the Bible as:

  • a family (the household of God)
  • a building (constructed of stones fitted together)
  • a body (with differing parts working together for the benefit of all)
  • an army (under the supreme command of love).

God’s primary purpose for the church is to be transformed into the exact likeness of his Son, Jesus. As we become progressively more like Jesus, we demonstrate more and more clearly the astounding goodness and love of God. Individually and together, we partner with God in this continuing transformation.

At the beginning of the church in the book of Acts, believers in Jesus met primarily in homes where every member was a vital, vibrant participant in fellowship and worship. No member was insignificant or merely a spectator because each one was necessary to the community. The 21st century house church is a renewal of this original structure. It is the best environment for spiritual growth and discipleship and the original plan of God for his family. Each house church has its own trained pastors who care for the members and their needs. House church meetings include worship, prayer, teaching, service to one another, and genuine fellowship. Relationships with God, with one another, and with our neighborhoods are our focus and joy. Every house church is unique in atmosphere as it reflects the personality and call of individual members. Visitors to house churches experience a marvelous level of warmth and welcome into the goodness and kindness of a loving God.