Living High In A Low World

Quality of life is a much discussed issue in our society. Many in the world today would make it the standard for one’s worthiness to live at all. If that level of importance is to be placed on “quality of life”, It seems to me, it becomes imperative to accurately define what constitutes a quality… READ MORE »

Living By Faith

The Apostle Paul states in Romans 1:17 that the just shall live by faith. He was quoting one of the Old Testament prophets. That declaration is made, in one form or another, throughout the Word of God. But does the average person really know what it means. It has been my observation that many do… READ MORE »

Cement Mixing

This summer I have been working on several sculptures that use concrete in their construction. Not having used that substance before, I started with a simple project to get a feel for the nature and idiosyncrasies of the stuff. I made cement bricks. Not just normal bricks, though. These are bricks with letters pressed into… READ MORE »

The Goodness of God

“What is God really like?” Have you ever had this thought? Has anyone ever asked you this question? What is God really, really like? Your thoughts about God’s nature are the most important thoughts you will ever have. Ever. How you see God, how you view his nature and character, determines how you will see… READ MORE »