Cement Mixing

This summer I have been working on several sculptures that use concrete in their construction. Not having used that substance before, I started with a simple project to get a feel for the nature and idiosyncrasies of the stuff. I made cement bricks. Not just normal bricks, though. These are bricks with letters pressed into them! It turned out well and I learned several important facts.

Cement is created through a chemical reaction between powdered elements and water. Cement doesn’t dry. Cement cures. It doesn’t require oxygen; it requires water. It gradually gets stronger and stronger until it is as hard as rock. The reaction between the powdered elements and the water creates a remarkable substance that holds up under tremendous stress and in all kinds of weather. During the first week, the strength increases dramatically, but it continues long beyond seven days. Concrete is deemed completely cured after 28 days although many say it continues to strengthen long into the future.

As I worked with this substance and attempted to form it into the shapes I wanted, the Lord began to talk with me. “You know, Patty, you are a lot like cement.” I wasn’t too sure what that meant!! “Really?” I responded. “In what way?” I wondered if He meant I was as stubborn and hard as a rock.

This was the Father’s answer.

You are a new creation, a new man. You are born of my Spirit and your nature is the same nature as Mine. Now that you are new, I am teaching you to walk in that newness of life. And I do it by my Word and my Spirit. My Word is like water poured on your new man. When you add my Word to your new spirit, a chemical reaction occurs. Then my Holy Spirit stirs that Word in you thoroughly so that it is all mixed together. He knows just how much water/word to mix and He is a genius at stirring and mixing. When it is all mixed together, He also forms it into the shape that looks just like Me and you become stronger and bigger and more recognizable as My image. In fact, your strength continues to increase day by day. This process is repeated in you every day, though your cement sculptures are only a one time mixing and forming. As we walk together, My Word, and My Spirit build you into the strong and magnificent creation that I made you to be.

How is the Father forming His image in you today? What words is He pouring into your heart and mixing into your daily walk? They will surely combine to build you into the strong and glorious creation that He sees every time He looks at you. You are in Him and He lives in you. Since He is wonderful, surely that makes you wonderful, too!